Adaptive Reuse & Historical Restoration

From concept to completion, Franklin Development has mastered the art of building a quality housing experience for working families and senior living. We believe it is our mission to improve the quality of life for all our residents through the very best in housing innovation, amenities and resident services. We succeed at creating value for our investors while at the same time improving the quality of life of our residents.

Our company has honed particular organizational strengths in structuring complex financing solutions, and navigating the legal, governmental, regulatory, and political landscapes. We handle the planning, design and construction of senior living and multifamily affordable housing.

Many of our affordable developments replaced older, antiquated housing in high-profile urban settings. Working with local, state and federal agencies, Franklin Development has helped revitalize at-risk neighborhoods by providing secure, modern and desirable residences. Our firm leverages an outstanding track record of execution in the complex financing of these projects making us a highly sought-after partner in community revitalization.

Our senior living developments are designed with great care for luxury living. We believe there is simply no compromising when it comes to quality. All of our apartment homes are part of modern communities built to ensure comfort and convenience. Our communities are designed and developed with great care to ensure our residents and family members feel safe and comfortable.

We build communities around compassion

Franklin Development

We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. This dedication to our partners, employees and residents shine through in every aspect of our process and our exemplary communities.